Monday, August 1, 2011

Dos Batos

Dos Batos, I love you. Dos Batos translates to "Two Dudes", and whoever the dudes are, they know what they are doing. It's such a simple concept. Small menu with a sense of humor and lots of flavor and quality ingredients. Their hook is the wood-fired tacos, and they have a rack of wood out front ready to get them through the day.

I fell in love with them when I first had the Pirata (wood-fired steak, sea salt, cheese, avocado, in a freshly grilled tortilla). Then I discovered the Torta, which I find myself craving like no other. I started cheating on the Pirata with the Torta at least a couple times a month. The Torta has pork carnitas, fresh avocado, tomato and crema on a buttery Mexican bun. (I have them leave off the tomato. I'm picky). The Torta bun reminds me a little of a croissant, but a little less flaky. Just this week, I ordered the Chipotlera Torta, which is the original Carnitas Torta with chipotle hot sauce. It brought a little tear to my eye (because it was delicious and spicy). I love heat, but to be perfectly honest, I'm a bit of a lightweight. When the Chipotlera got a little too spicy for my tongue, I turned the sandwich upside down and let the avocado and crema cool it down. It was almost a religious experience.

Dos Batos isn't fast food, but they get your order out to you in about five minutes. It's perfect for lunch, and they offer the tacos in "Big" or "Small" so you don't have to spend a lot or fill up too much. It's sparsely, but cheerfully decorated. I like the touch of having fresh yellow flowers on each table in an empty Topo Chico bottle.

Interior Mural

Chalkboard Mural

The Chipotlera Torta that made me cry

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