Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cafe Java on Metric

We eat at a lot of new places, trying not to get into ruts, but we keep finding ourselves at Cafe Java on evenings when we want something we know... something easy, good, comfortable, reliable. Cafe Java is like our favorite pair of shoes. We've been so often, they know us when we walk in. It's a neighborhood type place, but I'd say it's also worth driving across town for.

From way back when I was a kid, before microwaves existed (yes, I'm that old), my mom would sometimes make breakfast for dinner. I think she did it on nights she was feeling less than inspired, or didn't have anything thawed. Anyway, those were some of my favorite dinners. I still find breakfast for dinner so comforting. Since there are so few places that serve breakfast at dinnertime, and even fewer when you factor out Denny's, IHOP, etc., I feel like kissing Cafe Java for serving a full breakfast anytime I want it.

Not only can you get breakfast anytime, they also offer inspired daily specials. Sometimes when you're there in the evening and they're changing out the chalkboard for the next day, you'll hear them bantering back and forth with the chef in the kitchen, talking about which sauce would go best with the special or what sides they want to serve. It feels like they like to have fun with the specials, trying new things and seeing what goes over best. Judging from the nights we've gotten there near closing time, the specials are often such a hit they almost run out of them on a good day.

As I type this, I'm considering erasing it all and not giving away our secret favorite neighborhood spot. It's crazy busy on weekend mornings, but on weekday evenings when we go, we have our choice of table and can sit and linger as long as we want. Also, the guys who run this place couldn't be friendlier.

The food is honest, simple, but flavorful. On the nights when I've strayed from the breakfast menu, all of the other offerings I've tried have been top notch. You really can't go wrong here.

Well-stuffed Breakfast Tacos - delicious and cheap! 

Hill Country Breakfast Special

The "Java Melt"

Well-stuffed omelet with perfectly cooked hash browns

Phillip's Awesome Bacon Cheeseburger Omelet (It's topped with queso)

Warm Cinnamon Roll with Icing

California Burger Special

Turkey Reuben sandwich special

Smokehouse Chicken Melt

Irish Creme Cake

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