Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Milto's Mediterranean Cafe

I heart Milto's. The first time I went, I called it homey, then revised that to add, "well if your parents were Greek hippies, which mine weren't". It has that ultimate mom and pop feel to it. They have done a bit of remodeling, which I find kind of funny. They have nice granite tables, but cheesy trompe l'oeil paintings of stone arches. Each table has it's own paper towel holder that could double as a medieval weapon. And, I can't help but dig places that have lots of hanging plants. You order at the counter, and they will call your name when your food is ready. They have a main room, then a smaller room to the side, and a sort of sun room.

We've had their pizza every time we've been, but I've heard that their gyros and Greek salad and fresh baked rolls are all good. We normally get their Neapolitan (thin crust), but this time went with the thick crust Sicilian. Both are fantastic. The Sicilian crust was soft and bready and held the plentiful cheese perfectly. I can't put my finger on exactly what I love about their pizza, but the flavors are just right. Herb-y seasoning, lots of cheese, and just fresh tastes. Once we ordered an eggplant pizza and didn't miss the meat. If you knew us, you'd know what a bold statement that is.

The "Lone Star" Medium Sicilian (pepperoni, Italian sausage, imported ham, extra cheese)

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