Saturday, August 20, 2011

Name That Pizza

I commented last night that all my pictures of pizza ended up looking "flat". My husband, Bold Talk From A Grumpy Fat Man,  points out that pizza IS flat. I then said that they all looked alike. So just for kicks, I'm posting a bunch of pizza pics, to see how distinguishable each is from the others. I know that when eating the pizzas, I find them wildly varying. And since I eat a LOT of pizza, I can recite the nuanced differences of each of these, but only after tasting them, and not just on sight. I will come back later and post the answers. Anyway, let the games begin...

Pizza # 1 (clue: note how the toppings slide)

Pizza #2

Pizza #3 (the cut will give this away)

Pizza #4 (the pizza that started the whole discussion)

Pizza #5 (a weird one)

Pizza #6 

Pizza #7

Pizza #8

Pizza #9

Pizza #10

Pizza #11 (the arugula will give this away)

Pizza #12

Pizza #13

Pizza #14

Pizza #15

Pizza #16

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