Monday, August 15, 2011

Man Bites Dog

In a short time, Man Bites Dog went from a wildly popular food truck on South 1st Street to a sleek little brick and mortar restaurant on Burnet Road, which seems to be the favorite strip for other trailers-turned-restaurants like Lucky J's, Cutie Pies, Hey Cupcake, and Torchy's. The location itself is in a weird strip mall that I couldn't name a single other business, but it provides plenty of parking. The restaurant is clean, modern industrial, fast food style order-at-the-counter, and offers seating at booths or tables. Last time we were there, we were watching "The Fall Guy" reruns on the tv while a Beck song blasted from the speakers. I like the quirkiness of that. Most of the times we've been in there, though, the tvs have been on sports.

Man Bites Dog has a creative and crazy menu of hot dogs, brats and sausages with varieties and toppings that may have been the results of a dare after a night of wild drinking. Don't get me wrong, some of the best food combinations could probably trace their provenance to altered states. So far, I've actually only tried the tamest of their dogs, but some of the other dogs are calling my name... I hear ya bacon-wrapped, deep-fried dog. I'm comin' for ya.

The first time I went, I got their chili cheese dog, and enjoyed it so much, I've had it again and again. One of my biggest complaints with other chili cheese dogs has been that the bun doesn't fit, or the bun falls apart at the seam, or that the hot dog itself is so big that you can't actually take a bite that has all the components. Man Bites Dog has scientifically solved that problem. The bun is oversized, but very nicely soft and squishy, so even though this is a huge quarter pound dog with plenty of chili and cheese, it can actually be picked up and eaten properly (maybe not "daintily", but properly nonetheless). I cannot understate the importance of this. This is the size and weight of a "knife and fork" dog, but you don't have to use a knife and fork. I'm rather in awe of the sheer engineering of it.

On another visit, I ordered their pulled pork mac and cheese. This was another "well-conceived" (my new euphemism for drunken) inspiration. I commented that it was actually rather spicy hot, and the guy working there said it was the barbecue sauce that they used with the pork. He then let me in on a little secret, it kind of varies with whoever is cooking that day. I like that. Sure, consistency is nice when you find a dish that you really crave, you want it to be the same next time. But, to know that someone is creating in the kitchen and not just opening a bottle of barbecue sauce, well, that makes me happy. In fact, that seems to make the employees happy too. They've always been upbeat and friendly.

Bill has had the Greek dog, but has gone back again and again for their corn dogs. They are completely freshly made on the premises when you order them. These are not freezer corn dogs. I took a bite of his once... and I have the scars to prove it. Who knew that the first bite was the best bite of a corn dog? I was just trying to get it before he ruined it with mustard. Ok just to be clear, he has never harmed me over food. Actually, I'm the one most likely to get violent over a stolen bite. Beware if I'm holding a sharp utensil.

A giant chili cheese dog which somehow seems dwarfed by my fries. (Or "that's what he said".)

The Greek Dog

The Corn Dog with the missing tip. Never again.

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese. 

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