Sunday, August 21, 2011

Biscuits and Groovy

Oh, Biscuits and have a fun name, you're in bright happy trailer, you've got my favorite breakfast foods and the happiest menu ever, you gave me an awesome mix tape in trade for mine (also awesome), you were so friendly... so why did you serve me packaged gravy (or is that packaged groovy? And, if so, where do you find packaged groovy? Nevermind, I really don't need to know. Packaged groovy isn't very good.)

I guess this is what happens when I get excited about a concept. I studied the menu. Oh, the choices. Any breakfast item I could dream of piled on top of fluffy biscuits? I'm so in. Then came the hard sell. I had to convince my husband that we wanted to eat biscuits and gravy outside on a day in Austin when people were cooking eggs on the sidewalk. But, how hard can that be? Even if he is a Grumpy Fat Man, biscuits and gravy are some of his favorite things too. Well, we went. While we waited... and waited, I told him it was because everything was prepared fresh and to order. (I read up on the internet and came armed with fun-filled facts). Besides, I was enjoying the cool disco music they were rocking, and promising my taste buds they were in for an explosion.  Alas, even though I did enjoy my Johnny Hash with packaged groovy, crow isn't the best dessert.

To be fair, the biscuits were perfect. Fluffy, light and tender. They were generous with the toppings. There were two picnic tables with corrugated metal over them providing a little shade. They are doing a lot of things right. They are the friendliest trailer I've visited. But, if your concept is biscuits and gravy, then both the biscuits AND the gravy have to be right on. I read a Yelp reviewer who said they never like cream gravy and they liked this gravy. That probably should have told me something.

So, in the end Biscuits + Groovy = 1 Grumpy Fat Man and a Crow-Eatin' Wife.

A Happy Place

The Johnny Hash: Biscuits, gravy, sausage, bacon, cheese an potatoes. 

Plain Biscuits and Gravy for the purist. 

Biscuits and Groovy (Trailer) on Urbanspoon

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