Sunday, July 31, 2011

Phil's Icehouse on Burnet

Phil's is such a happy place. It shares a building with Amy's Ice Cream. They have a brightly colored playscape for the kids. There's '80s pop tunes playing. They even have one of those take-your-own portrait booths inside. And the burgers are really good.

Sometimes you can run into a bit of a traffic jam right as you walk in. You order at the counter, and that area can back up with a line. The employees are quick to get your order and are very friendly. You may also have a cluster around the soda machine. All the times I've been there, I've been able to lay claim to an inside table. But, I always feel like I just got lucky and got the last one. There's also seating outside with retro patio tables and a little shade under umbrellas.

The Phil-a-Buster, a double burger which is also politically relevant these days. 

Single burger with cheddar and bacon. Yum! 
The burgers are 1/3 pound, cooked on a grill with the cross-hatch marks. They cook them all medium well... my only slight complaint. They serve them on the soft sweet sourdough buns from a Houston bakery. There are quite a few cleverly-named burgers with tried and true topping combinations, or you can build your own. I like to get the mixed fries (sweet potato and regular), so I don't have to decide. They also offer mini-burgers and non burger options like veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, plus a fish sandwich, corn dogs, and frito pie. Just thinking about Phil's puts a smile on my face.

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