Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Daddy's Burgers & Bar

I'm sorry, Big Daddy.  I should like you. I wanted to like you. I tried to like you. I knew you were part of the Nutty Brown family, and I love Nutty Brown. You have a menu that reads like what I would order if I  were on death row. I could read your menu all day long. It's a menu like someone watched a Food Network Extreme Burger marathon, feverishly writing every crazy wonderful burger concoction from all over America and put them all in one place. But, it's all gimmick.

You say that your burgers are half pound. I'm going to have to quibble with that. Your patties are thin and not particularly oversized. I think it's closer to a third pound burger, which would be fine if a) you were honest about it and b) you cooked it properly. Both times I've been, I've asked for medium rare. The burgers are never medium rare, they are charred and dry. Why ask me how I want them if you can only do one thing?

The prices are high, mostly because you will order one of the gimmick burgers. If you ordered a simple cheeseburger here, the quality wouldn't match the price at all. I don't think I'd even like a cheeseburger here. So, if you go, it will be because something crazy is tempting you and you must know what a hamburger served on a Krispy Kreme donut tastes like. Don't feel bad. I had to know too. And now I know.

And what they do with their fries is a travesty. These are definitely hand cut, so they were off to a good start. What went so horribly wrong? I'm guessing they were cooked way too long. They're not even appetizing looking. A potato died for this.

I feel like I'm being too harsh. The servers have been pleasant. We went two times and tried hard to like it. The first time, they had just opened and one of the managers talked to us and seemed to really care about our experience and told us they were still working on some of their recipes. We gave it another shot months later, with a coupon so the price didn't sting as bad. We had fun playing the trivia game while we were waiting. Other tables seemed to be having a good time, too. Drinks played a big part in their festivities. We just think a place that only does burgers should have really good burgers. Right?

This was the burger on the Krispy Kreme donut. The donut kind of falls apart. 

The enchilada burger and some grease-filled onion rings 

Bad Boy grilled cheese burger. The burger is in between grilled cheese sandwiches. 

That's pork belly and swiss cheese on my burger. The pork belly was nicely flavored, but kind of meat overload. I felt like I was eating a pork chop on a burger. Oh, and note the ugly fries. Just sad. 

I did like the bun. Pretty bun. 

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